The Zombie Survival Guide

The Zombie Survival Guide

Complete Protection From the Living Dead

Book - 2003
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Hillsboro_RobP Sep 17, 2020

All of our weird questions, imagined scenarios, and late-night thoughts about zombie survival compiled.

Jul 14, 2018

Zombie survival guide is a book that teaches you how to survive a zombie apocolypse, how to defend your home, what weapons to use, and what environments work best in your favour for attacking and defending.

Jun 26, 2018

this book, while interesting, was not very good. My brother actually believed that solanum was a real disease.

BeccaBB Feb 21, 2017

This is for any zombie book lover. I love the pseudo-serious tone of the book. It is told with humor but the threat of a zombie attack is presented as a very real problem, something everyone should be prepared for. There is a lot of information here and you can tell that a lot of thought and possibly even research went into this. A lot of different weapons and vehicles are described and their strengths and weaknesses explored. You find out why guns are not always the best defense and what the good and bad points of holding up in a swamp are. It is humor and it makes you laugh. But part of what makes it funny is that it does not read as a joke. It is told with sincerity. You get the impression that if there really was a zombie attack this book would help you survive. The recorded attacks section in the back makes the point that you are not preparing for some possible issue in the future but that zombies are a present problem and have been a problem for a long time, maybe as far back as 60,000 B.C. I like the way the evidence for ancient zombies is presented in a way that you can believe that it was happened upon in an archeological dig or something. It’s just sketchy enough to sound real. The accounts do get a little monotonous toward the end and some of the information feels like it is told over again as, for example, you get terrain types for ‘On the Run’, ‘On the Attack’ and ‘Living in an Undead World’ and some of the points are the same in each. But for the most part the book is an interesting, amusing, informative, and entertaining read that keeps you reading.

May 11, 2015

If you accept the basic premise, and you like the author's style then this is a fun read. Though I suppose 'fun' isn't quite the proper adjective here when one is talking about personal and societal survival from the hordes of the undead.

Mar 06, 2015

Unlike a few reviewers, I loved Max Brooks – ‘The Zombie Survival Guide’ – a Complete Protection From the Living Dead. It was a fun read. I also enjoyed Brook’s graphic novel by the same title. I also highly recommend ‘World War Z’ by Max Brooks and for other fans of books involving Zombies, anything published by Robert Kirkman. Doctor-at-Bass! Taylor A.

Oct 25, 2013

I loved World War Z, awesome read, so i thought i would try some more of Max Brooks books... The Zombie Survival Guide-i found interesting until about half way where all he does is repeat himself in different situations although the premise is the same. I also found the book highly unrealistic as in equitment needed to survive.(seriously who has a shotgun, rifle, katana just lying around?) Although i did love some of the Zombie killing strategies, They seemed-again-highly unrelistic for normal civilian use, which the book was intended for. He also exagerated on the nature down falls of the modern world-the oil rig-and he also made the zombies seem a bit over powered. If there was a Zombie Apocaylypse, how do we know the Zombies need a head shot to die? it might as easily be the arm. This book would be a complete waste of time if there happened to be an outbreak. The only real threat would be the natural enviroment-animals which he dosent dealve as much into. I think Max Brooks is a great writer but i think he was meant to write happenings of the Zombie Apocaylype instead of how to survive it.

Blue_Otter_33 Jan 22, 2013

This is a great read! while the information it provides may never come to use, it's very entertaining. it's a plain and simple guide that's well written and fun. i would recommend it to teens with an interest in zombies and/or fictional books.I like this style of writing. my only criticism is in the parts where it somewhat leaves the fictional feel by suggesting that it may have actually happened. overall I give a 4.5.

Nov 19, 2012

this is a very good book! be ready for the apocolapse!

Sep 29, 2012

Be prepared or would you rather be shocked when the zombie apocalypse comes? Think about it.

RONROSARIO Jul 25, 2012

Clueless on how to handle the unending war between humanity and the undead? Here's what I recommend:

1. Play Resident Evil (as many games in the series as you can).

2. See all the Resident Evil movies.

3. See 1 and 2. Yes, repeat. Often.

4. Read this book.

It's just that simple.

Feb 03, 2011

I thought i was ready before i read this book,
but this book tells u situations to avoid,best ways of getting around, plans for prolonged encampment, and the gear u/crew should ALWAYS have on hand.


Jan 13, 2011

After I read this book I signed up for a self defense class, I take shooting lessons at a shooting range, and I continue to jog every morning so I can stay in shape for when they come... I will survive.

Sep 17, 2010

There is no safe place...only a safer place...

procure water, food, shelter, protection all the essential elements you need for survival in the wake of the living dead apocalypse!

This Book covers every aspect of zombie survival a must read!

Sep 13, 2010

after reading I very much wanted to find a shotgun and a safe place to hide out :D Very good read!

Oct 06, 2009

This book is definitely a Memorable read. Made me paranoid.

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