The Queen of Nothing

The Queen of Nothing

Book - 2019
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"As the exiled Queen of Faerie, Jude must travel back to Elfhame to help her twin sister, Taryn, and uncover how to break a dark curse threatening the whole Faerie world"--
Publisher: New York ;, Boston :, Little, Brown and Company,, 2019.
Edition: First edition.
ISBN: 9780316310420
Branch Call Number: TEEN FICTION Black Holly 11/2019
Characteristics: 308 pages :,illustrations ;,24 cm.
Additional Contributors: Jennings, Kathleen (Illustrator)


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I'm really sad to see the last of the Folk of the Air series (starting with The Cruel Prince and followed by The Wicked King) but if it has to end, this book is the perfect closure. A dark prophesy hangs over Elfhame while Jude remains banished to the mortal world. When her sister asks for her ... Read More »

As the exiled Queen of Faerie, Jude must travel back to Elfhame to help her twin sister, Taryn, and uncover how to break a dark curse threatening the whole Faerie world.

Young Adult Fantasy Winner

JCLStefanieE Dec 18, 2019

Super satisfying conclusion to this fabulous faerie trilogy. I love the complicated characters and magical world that Holly Black has created for this series and I am sorry to see them go.

Book #3

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sjpl_rebekah Feb 13, 2021

I was never quick to pick up this book series for two reasons:

1. I read the Coldest Girl in Cold Town by this author and though I enjoyed it, I wasn’t terribly impressed.
2. The book synopsis for The Cruel Prince does not do it justice.

I have seen this book series mentioned enough times now that I finally decided to read it. As a result, I am going to do something I never do and review all three books together. Why you ask? Because I ripped through them so fast it doesn’t even make sense for me to review them individually. This was a book series that kept me reading late into the night and each book took me about 2 days to finish. I simply could not put them down. The romance is a slow burn (which I always appreciate), but it was the political intrigue and endless scheming that truly kept me glued to the pages. Jude is a very strongly written character, and it was fascinating to watch her turn her vulnerabilities into strengths. The pacing of this book series is excellent, and I was never once bored. Great cliffhangers and a great ending really cemented this as one of my favorite YA series of all time.

LoganLib_Sheridan Jan 11, 2021

Gonna be honest, the more I think about this the more disappointments I find but I still loved and enjoyed this book. It is a great ending to the trilogy and none of these disappointments are particularly big issues.

I thought though that Cardan and Jude lost a lot of their enemies to lovers romance intrigue that made their relationship so exciting in the first two books. You actually don't get to see them together much at all which was rather disappointing. You do however get to see Cardan in the mortal realm which more than makes up for it!

I also thought Jude had lost a little of her fight, at least against Cardan anyway. I love how wise she is not to fall for Locke in the first book and every time she surprises him ('It's fun to play pretend', 'Madoc would have killed you', and 'I didn't fight over you') and it feels like a bit of that is gone in this book.

I did think there was two very intriguing and important plot points involving Taryn (right at the beginning of the book) that weren't exactly expanded on nearly enough. I think this would be fixed by a novella from Taryn's point of view about the development of these plot points!

I was worried when I heard talk about the book being rushed and thin but it definitely didn't feel either. It was as thick as the first two books in the series and as full of action packed faerie madness for readers to enjoy. However, there was only just enough in the ending to imagine the future of Jude's mortality and the throne. It also felt like maybe everything was a bit too easy but I don't think there was anything 'missing'. It just had that feel and as I said, still a REALLY enjoyable read.

So the good stuff...

Without going into too much detail there was definitely plenty of crazy faerie action in this book as Jude makes her return to faeries. I'd like to say they enjoyed peace while she was gone but really, she doesn't cause chaos, chaos just finds her!

Everyone gets their comeuppance. There is an aspect of the ending that feels a little too easy and vague but it is definitely a solid enough ending for the reader to feel satisfied, that they can imagine the future of the throne and characters.

Jul 30, 2020

Ok, so even though I am giving this book a 5 star rating, this was still my least favorite book in the series, but for totally biased reasons, because this book series is beyond amazing. I want to say that unlike a lot of other cheesy Young Adult romance novels, this books romance is actually believable! Where most Young Adult romance novels span a few days or fall in love instantly after bumping shoulders in a hallway, the romance in this novel was actually YEARS in the making. Holly Black wrote an incredible background story of how Jude and Cardan's romance came to fruition. This romance feels so destined to be, without being incredibly EASY as many Young Adult novels tend to be. It was really refreshing to read. I hate to give any spoilers away but my big bias of why this was my least favorite book in the series is because Jude spent the majority of this novel in the "human world" and away from Cardan. I am obsessed with this couple so this plot line was just unacceptable! This book has seriously become one of my favorite reads. I think this is going to be my number 1 read for 2020, we'll see, but I don't think anything is going to top this series for me this year.

Jul 01, 2020

I honestly was not expecting to fall in love with this series so quickly. Once I had read the ending to TCP I. Was. Hooked! I sped through TWK within the span of two days and the same with this book. I love surprises and unexpected turns within the plot and this series definitely delivered. I enjoyed the characters and their transformations throughout the series, especially Cardan's character development within The Queen of Nothing. To be honest, this book did feel slightly slower paced than the other two, but the action and drama were still there. You learn different sides to some of the characters you thought you knew. The tension never leaves as you yearn to discover what will happen on the next page, and one can never forget the very evident romance between Cardan and Jude. However, what I enjoyed most about The Queen of Nothing has to be the ending. I loved how it was so plain and simple after everything that occurred. To me, it showed a different and simpler side to the characters that we know and grew to love. All and all, this book is very good and I would rate it a "chef's kiss" on my scale.

I had such high expectations for the conclusion of this, one of my favourite series of all time, and they were mostly met. Mostly.

Our High Queen of Elfhame Jude Duarte has been exiled to the mortal world, where she picks up odd Faerie jobs and does a lot of hanging out. When a surprise visitor arrives and asks Jude to return to Elfhame, she doesn't hesitate - and, though she denies it, a part of her feels like she's going home. Back to the palace, and back to Cardan, who may or may not still want absolutely nothing to do with her.

I have such emotion surrounding this series. The first two books were so wildly unpredictable and swoony and vicious, and I really wanted this conclusion to be just as stabby and hot and twisty. In many ways, it was: I had to fan myself a few times, the tension between our two fave lover-enemies was so intense, and Jude is as vicious as ever. But I really wanted to be surprised again, and I feel like nothing here came as much of a shock. Even the final snake resolution was nothing I didn't see coming, and that's where Holly usually succeeds so well, in throwing something at me out of left field and leaving me reeling.

This time, that didn't happen.

Which isn't to say that this is a bad book, or that I hated it. I still loved it because how could I not? It's the conclusion of Jude and Cardan, the conclusion of this series, and the conclusion of this particular foray into Faerie. I love the atmosphere of this world so much, how Holly can weave such detail into her stories while still making the entire thing so accessible and easy to devour. Her language is simple yet perfect for Jude; these books just feel like her, like stepping into Jude's mind, and I love that so much. She remains utterly cunning and unrelenting and power-hungry. AKA perfect, and my fave MC pretty much ever.

My only other gripe with this is that it's SO SHORT. 305 pages?? I want a TOME of small moments where the High King and Queen exchange sneers in the courtroom, meet somewhere to tear each other's clothes off, are interrupted, and have to go back to work while being so frustrated with the other that they can't see straight. I want more moments of angst and torment and mischief. Everything just moved so fast, and I wanted more time to savour my fave characters.

Mar 05, 2020

The Queen of Nothing is the last book in The Folk Of The Air series. This book is the most interesting and exciting of all the books as it has the most plot twists. My favourite part is at the beginning when Jude is still exiled in the mortal lands. You can really see how different she was raised. This book is also the most anticipating. With everything that’s going on, I could hardly put it down. This action-filled book has murder, betrayal, battle and is by far my favourite. The Queen Of Nothing is a great book and has a great ending to the series. I strongly recommend you read this book and the series in general. 5/5 -@Vellichor of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

My expectations were high for this novel after reading Wicked King and I found myself very disappointed. I found the plot boring in this one, characters were ruined, and it seemed like this novel was rushed. The main thing I disliked was the reason for Jude’s exile. I expected it to be more than a misunderstanding. The biggest disappointment however was the relationship between Jude and Cardan. How did we got from Cardan who love-hates Jude so much to where Cardan wants to play the dotting husband? It was built up to quickly in this novel and I hated it. The ending was also too easy. I didn’t want everything to end up perfectly with no real consequences. Despite my disappoint, I read this book like an addict. I wish Holly put more effort into this one as there was too much missing. Rating – 2.5/5.
@Average_Bookworm of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

Mar 03, 2020

Excellent as usual.

I think this is my favorite of the three books because we actually got more character development from Cardan, and the stakes felt like they were much higher. I'm still not sure I ship Jude/Cardan, though. Their relationship just felt weird to me the entire time.

Feb 18, 2020

I was beyond excited for this book to come out as the last two I loved, but when i first got the book i was surprised. It was so small! i have nothing against small books but it was the shortest in the whole series and I just felt as thought the books were just getting shorter and shorter because maybe Holly Black was running out of ideas. I loved the series as a whole but the third book just fell flat for me. Of course I still read it because I loved the series and basically any fantasy YA book, but the third book was the worst in my opinion.

Feb 09, 2020

I read this for the "A Guilty Pleasure" part of my 2020 reading challenge. I loved every book in this trilogy, and this was no exception. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time, and it was great how a lot of the characters came together at the end. It didn't end in tears or a panic attack, and I appreciate that.

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