New Moon

New Moon

Book - 2006
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When the Cullens, including her beloved Edward, leave Forks rather than risk revealing that they are vampires, it is almost too much for eighteen-year-old Bella to bear, but she finds solace in her friend Jacob until he is drawn into a "cult" and changes in terrible ways.
Publisher: New York : Little, Brown and Co., 2006.
Edition: 1st ed.
ISBN: 9780316160193
Branch Call Number: TEEN FICTION Meyer Stepheni
Characteristics: 563 p. ;,23 cm.


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Feb 12, 2021

New Moon was such a spectacular installation into the Twilight series!!! It is probably my favorite. I so loved how Bella's and Jacob's relationship progressed. I also am a huge fan of the Quileutes. The parts where Bella "hears" Edward are also super good, and I love how Bella saves Edward. Also, in this book, you really get to see how much Bella and Edward love each other. Definitely a MUST read!!!!

Jan 16, 2021

Personally, this is a TOTAL MUST READ. It is my favorite twilight book for one reason: Jacob. I don't know why Stephanie Meyer decided to make Edward and Bella be together personally someone should write a book where Jacob and Bella are together. PLEASE SOMEONE WRITE THAT.

While many would argue they don't enjoy the plot and that this is the least favorite Twilight book, I enjoy the drama it creates. It builds up a love triangle, shows that Edward cares for Bella despite making the wrong decision about her safety. It's personally kind of annoying to read how devastated Bella is over the loss and how it consumes her everyday life, but many teenagers go through some sort of heartbreak even though it isn't a supernatural one. Overall, I liked the ending and the book was still worthy of a read.

Nov 22, 2020

My Least Favorite Twilight book.

This book is ok. it is my least favorite Twilight book. The the main thing that I don't like is the fact that Edward leaves Bella and also the fact that it was Jacob who made her feel better. I have only read the whole thing one time. The second time I skipped the whole middle of the book. But it still is a pretty good book especially if you are team Jacob.

ArapahoeKati Oct 06, 2020

While this novel suffers in terms of plotting, the in-depth character dive into Jacob is worth a read. Just like in Twilight, you won't be able to stop reading the series once you start.

Jul 08, 2020

New Moon is the second installment in the Twilight Saga, and it certainly does not disappoint. After Edward leaves Bella in the beginning of the novel, Bella fights a deep depression, one that only eases after she forms a close friendship with Jacob Black, an old family friend who is just over a year younger than Bella. Midway through the book, Jacob is revealed to be different from who he was before, causing a new plot line to take hold. This book, while longer than the first, keeps the reader’s attention equally as well: possibly more. Jacob’s deeper introduction is very helpful to the series, as he is a lovable character and provides deeper conflict to the main plot of the series alongside Bella and Edward’s romance. Stephanie Meyer did an excellent job continuing the series after Twilight, and though it still contains some of the flaws of the first book, it is a page-turner. Due to some mature content, this book is likely best suited to readers 13+.

Jan 16, 2020

Even better than "Twilight"! I can't wait to watch the movie!

Jun 23, 2019

I love this book and the movies. it's so loving and mysterious

May 04, 2019

I❤️THIS BOOK!!!!!!! Such a good read😋

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Jan 26, 2020

Crowfeather77 thinks this title is suitable for 14 years and over

Sep 23, 2019

cynthiayiqingchen thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 10 and 18

yasserelbehirygmailcom thinks this title is suitable for 9 years and over

sarahbru17 Aug 03, 2017

sarahbru17 thinks this title is suitable for 13 years and over

RobertELPL Mar 04, 2017

RobertELPL thinks this title is suitable for 15 years and over

blue_bear_6056 Jan 30, 2017

blue_bear_6056 thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 12 and 16

May 21, 2014

sapphicatthedisco thinks this title is suitable for 13 years and over

The_Light_Particle May 15, 2014

The_Light_Particle thinks this title is suitable for 1 years and over

Jul 24, 2013

blue_zebra_421 thinks this title is suitable for 12 years and over

Mar 27, 2013

Fanatic_Reader27 thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 50 and 12

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Nov 22, 2020

“love gave someone the power to break you.
I'd been broken beyond repair.”
― Stephenie Meyer, New Moon

Nov 22, 2020

“Well, I'm so sorry that I can't be the right kind of monster for you, Bella.”
― Stephenie Meyer, New Moon

Nov 22, 2020

“What a marshmallow. You should hold out for someone with a stronger stomach. Someone who laughs at the gore that makes weaker men vomit.”
― Stephenie Meyer, New Moon

Nov 22, 2020

“Forbidden to remember, terrified to forget; it was a hard line to walk.”
― Stephenie Meyer, New Moon

May 23, 2013

"With relentless, uncaring force, they turned inexorably toward the end--the end of everything."

Dec 19, 2012

"That's when i heard the noise that must have wakened me in the first place. Something sharp scraped along the length of my window with a high-pitched squeal, like fingernails against my glass."

Jul 24, 2012

"I cowered into Jacob's side, my eyes scanning the forest for the other wereworlves. When they appeared, striding out from between the trees, they weren't what I was expecting. "

Wolfgirl20 Jun 18, 2012

So are you going to be my Valentine? Since you didn’t get me a fifty-cent box of candy, it’s the least you can do.
Jacob Black, New Moon, Chapter 9, p.202

KIMBERLY HO Jun 09, 2012

"Jacob was simply a perpetually happy person, and he carried that happiness with him like an aura, sharing it with whoever was near him. Like an earthbound sun, whenever someone was within his gravitational pull, Jacob warmed them. It was natural, a part of who he was. No wonder I was so eager to see him."

Ólive May 19, 2012

"when the new moon comes never die, but when you fly inside an airplane never die.i love you and you love me too,don't forsake me".

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May 23, 2013

When Edward Cullen and his family disappear, leaving a heartbroken Bella Swan behind, she soon finds that without her beloved Edward, life sucks. In the midst of her heartache, Jacob Black comes to the rescue and as their relationship evolves, Bella discovers that vampires aren't her only problem as it turns out that Jacob comes from a long-line of werewolves. And thus begins the love triangle of a love-struck "puppy", a very protective vampire, and a human girl in the middle.

Jul 26, 2012

The Cullens leave and Bella develops a friendship with Jacob, then some exciting stuff happens.

Wolfgirl20 Jun 18, 2012

This book has it's up and downs like all books and then it comes back up. So don't stop reading it because of that!

May 04, 2012

In this book, Bella Swan is having a "horrifying" birthday party until she gets a paper cut. Then Jasper lunges for Bella, and in the process of trying to save Bella, Edward throws her across the room. Edward then forces himself to believe that his family is too dangerous to be near Bella, so he makes a heartbreaking decision to move away. The following months are filled with grief for Bella, as she thinks about the loss of Edward. Then, while she makes an effort to become close to her friends again, Bella hears Edward speak! Bella soon learns that whenever she is being reckless, her sub-consious memory brings back Edward's voice. While trying to put herself in danger, Bella meets up with her old friend, Jacob. Jacob and Bella hang out alot, until Jacob mysteriously changes in many different ways. While trying to find out the truth, Bella learns that Jacob has gone from a friendly pal, to serious man. But Bella can't lose Jacob like she lost Edward! Page after page, you'll learn about the troubles, the happy moments, and the many different changes Bella experiences in Stephenie Meyer's favored Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Nov 13, 2010

after edward leaves bella for "the Best" bella goes into deppression. shes always having nightmares and is always blank faced. but then jacob comes up to save her from her grave. bella feels better, but not fixed. then something in jacob changes...

Nov 14, 2009

The book begins with seeing Bella become very comfortable with Edward and his family. Bella is given a birthday party and accidentally gets a paper cut. This leads to a tense moment when Jasper cannot contain himself and makes a leap for Bella. Edward is forced to protect her but ends up throwing her across the room, this makes it all to clear that keeping Bella close to the family puts her at risk. Edward begins to withdraw himself emotionally in order to leave her.

Naturally, Bella's grief is heartwrenching to read. Any girl who has felt the pain of lost or unrequited love will shed a few tears during this chapter. It is hard to get over being furious at Edward's behavior at the begining of the book, but this simply shows you how easy it is to get pulled into almost believing these characters are real.

Bella becomes seriously withdrawn from the world after his departure and considering their strange and magical relationship, this is to be expected. Bella begins to hear Edward's voice warning her when she puts herself in harm's way and in this way Bella begins to court danger to hear Edwards voice.

Jacob, becomes a very close friend of Bella's and helps her through her depression. His character takes the place of Edward and he becomes a major player in this story. He is also the complete opposite of Edward's sophisticated, wordly one. Jacob is lovable, akward, attractive (in a regular way) and warm-blooded. His story is one of interest and I don't believe any reader who has already read Twilight, will be surprised at the turn of events in which Jacob is involved.

anoudconda Mar 28, 2009

Edward leaves nad then Bella stays with a family friend name JAcob. Soon she finds out that hes a werewolf. Then victoria says she wants to kill bella for killing james her mate. Rosalie tells edward bella's dead and then alice had this vision that edwards gonna commit suicide so bella escapes from home to edward and she shows herself to him and then Vouliatri tries to kill bella so did victoria she comes back hurt and chariles get really angry and he tries to take her away from him . Then jacob gets he in more trouble by snitching on her and saying she motorcycling. After chalie syas that their is a curfew for edward and Bella to see each other \. They also get accepted into the same univesty and when she tries to get in touch with her old friens half of them still wanna be friends the other half dont

Sep 12, 2008

In this story we get to visit a different char. other then Edward. Bella learns not only a lot about herself but a lot about the truth behind the vampires and other mythical char.


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kitty2urrty Aug 29, 2013

Other: a bit dreadful

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