The Middleman
The Middleman The Complete Series DVD - 2009

Created by Javier Grillo-Marxuach from his comic book series of the same name, The Middleman embraces every fun superhero, SF, and adventure trope, subverting and playing with some tropes, playing other tropes completely straight. It's an unabashed superhero/spy-fi romp that manages to be over-the-top cheesy, subversively smart and funny, and emotionally deep. While only 12 episodes ever aired (with a 13th episode that was written, adapted as a comic, and performed at San Diego ComiCon), the show manages to build a sweet mentor/mentee relationship between the Middleman and his sidekick, Wendy Watson, and has one of the best friendships I've ever seen in a TV show between Wendy and her roommate, Lacey. Each episode is also jam-packed with pop culture references--spanning TV, movies, comics, music, and art--and smart, snappy dialogue. It's more fun than a barrel of super-intelligent, transdimensional monkeys!

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