I picked this book up with high hopes, only to feel a little let down.

There is quite the dilemma here. Tom and Isabel have had like 3 miscarriages and 1 stillbirth (something like that). One day a row boat drifts to Janus carrying a dead man and a baby girl, so what do they do? Well Isabel is convinced it is a sign from God, and they must keep the baby girl (named Lucy). However.... when they return to civilization with young Lucy, they found out that Lucy might actually be Grace, the missing daughter of Hannah (a local resident who lost her husband and baby girl a few short years ago to an unknown fate). And what does Isabel do? She thinks it is best to keep things a secret so no one else gets hurt and the deception to continue on the guilty conscious of Tom.

On Janus, things are simple and filled with daily rituals. Is what Isabel and Tom did right? That is very conflicting. Yes Isabel may have suffered continued heartache over the children she could never have, but to have put her family and Hannah's family through all this horrible thing may not have seemed like the best choice. But then again with a mother so desperate for a baby/child to love, who was Tom to deny her that.

When the deception finally unravels, the story got a little boring and just dragged on and on. Poor little Lucy Grace is caught between the two worlds (her life on Janus and her original life with Hannah), with no idea what is going on and how to handle the sudden shock and change.

In all honesty, I could not and gave up trying to understand and relate to Isabel. She seems so selfish and depressed. Yes she has issues, but clearly forcing Tom to help her keep the secret is not a good way to deal with this issue. Tom is a good guy, he tries so hard to make things right now that the war is over, but he is too much of a doormat when going up against Isabel.

The ending. Meh. I could honestly take it or leave it, I really didn't care what happened to them in the end

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