If you ever wondered what happened to those kids you see on those Nanny 911 type shows, this shows you what could be.

Gerald was on a show called "Network Nanny" when he was five. He became infamous for a particularly gross thing he would do in an effort to get someone to pay attention the fact that he wasn't the problem in the family. We go back to see the show being filmed and see how much is staged and how much is edited out to make it look like that Gerald is the problem when he probably causes the least.

Now seventeen, Gerald suffers from anger problems, still lives in a horribly toxic environment, takes special ed classes, and the real problem in his family has everyone in their grasp.

It's unforgiving, depressing, traumatizing, but still hopeful as the girl from register #7 at his job gets a name that he enjoys using. You're left with an open ending but enough that you can see that there's a chance for Gerald despite his reality tv show past.

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