My Son and the Afterlife
My Son and the Afterlife Conversations From the Other Side By Medhus, Elisa Book - 2013

This book is a must read for anyone that lost a family member or a close friend to suicide. It is not only for a mother or father losing their son. If you are open minded and believe that there is life after we leave this earthly world I suggest this book. If you are more spiritual and believe that there is life after death and some form of reincarnation this book will
help you through your grief.

The book It is told by his incredible mom who is a physician. She has conversations with him through a medium throughout the book. This book will and can really help you with your grief and a whole lot of questions you are left with when someone so close to you leaves so unexpectedly

This book is incredible if you only read one book after losing someone you love so much to suicide I suggest you READ THIS ONE!

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