Freedom is fragile. It can be stolen in a moment.

Cleeton's somewhat soap-operatic approach to serious topics grabbed me by surprise. Just as I decided it was simply a bunch of fluff, I was caught up in the emotion of the story. It struck a bell. The situation that the Cuban people found themselves in should sound a warning to folks in the US under Trump - and possibly even in the UK under Boris. Or Canada - under Ford?

“There are thousands of ways to betray your country - broken promises, failed policies, the sound of a firing squad pumping bullets into flesh. And then there’s the silent betrayal - the most insidious one of all. We thought we were being smart by merely enduring Batista. We thought we were playing the long game, cozying up to power so we could keep our grand homes, and our yacht club membership, and our champagne filled parties. We thought the indignities of his regime couldn’t touch us.

And the whole time we were pretending our way of life was fine, the paradise we created was really a fragile deal with the devil. When the ground beneath us cracked, it destroyed the world as we knew it.”

Stand on guard or lose your long and hard-fought-for freedoms.

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