Elizabeth Acevedo knows how to write a serious book with just the right amount of uplifting joy and optimism.

Emoni is a girl who had to grow up quickly. Her mother died giving birth to her, her father couldn't handle raising her so her grandmother does, and she had a baby during her freshman year in high school. But this book is about so much more than that!

Emoni is a girl who knows her way around the kitchen. She makes dishes that make your mouth water as you read the description. I imagine that her food is some of the most flavorful food you could possibly eat. She is clearly gifted! The adults in her life pay attention to that and work to lift her up to reach for her dream.

This book has a very clear message--just because you're a teen mom (or a teenager with a lot to deal with) doesn't mean that your life can't become something far greater than you imagined it would. It is possible to care for another human being while also caring for yourself!

Recommended for teens ages 13+.

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