So I loved this book. There was plenty of LGBT issues discussed in this book as it follows a group of creative students in an artistic school. The book has a very LGBT friendly setting but this doesn't negate the transphobia and homophobia that still arise.

Felix is trans-demiboy living with between his father's and his best friends place. His father was trying to be supportive but doesn't always do very well and Felix gets understandably frustrated. He also has some anonymous person sending him transphobic messages which creates self-confidence issues.

He gets bullied anonymously by this person at school prior to the messages and is determined to find out who it is. This leads to an examination of the people around him and how just because you don't like someone doesn't mean they are a bad person and just because you like them doesn't mean they are a good person.

I enjoyed the drarry vibes that Felix's relationship with his former enemy had and felt like maybe that relationship could work but I do enjoy the way the book finished.

I was frustrated with the inclusion of Felix's emails to his mother in this story and how that story thread ended but in the end I realised it's Felix's way of saying he doesn't need anyone's approval to be himself.

This book was a lovely book, with soft and heart-wrenching moments, about navigating a bunch of different relationships and just how important communication can be.

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