When I finished this movie, I thought it was okay. Two weeks later, it's still stuck in the back of my mind and I keep revisiting pieces of it...I think it might have been great, actually?

Like other work from Miranda July, it's saccharine and quirky and cringe-inducing at times. But that's the point - July knows she's making us uncomfortable and she holds us in that space; the emotional equivalent of prolonged eye contact with a stranger. I hate it, and it makes me feel stuff. Like Old Dolio grumbles to Melanie (played by the stunning, utterly talented Gina Rodriguez) "You're making us ALL uncomfortable!"

Kajillionaire holds up a funhouse mirror to our own parent-pleasing tendencies, the experiences of being queer in a society that pits women against each other, the stress and dysfunction of late capitalism, and bodily alienation. Am I reading into it too much? I don't care.

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