The Zombie Survival Guide
The Zombie Survival Guide Complete Protection From the Living Dead By Brooks, Max Book - 2003

I loved World War Z, awesome read, so i thought i would try some more of Max Brooks books... The Zombie Survival Guide-i found interesting until about half way where all he does is repeat himself in different situations although the premise is the same. I also found the book highly unrealistic as in equitment needed to survive.(seriously who has a shotgun, rifle, katana just lying around?) Although i did love some of the Zombie killing strategies, They seemed-again-highly unrelistic for normal civilian use, which the book was intended for. He also exagerated on the nature down falls of the modern world-the oil rig-and he also made the zombies seem a bit over powered. If there was a Zombie Apocaylypse, how do we know the Zombies need a head shot to die? it might as easily be the arm. This book would be a complete waste of time if there happened to be an outbreak. The only real threat would be the natural enviroment-animals which he dosent dealve as much into. I think Max Brooks is a great writer but i think he was meant to write happenings of the Zombie Apocaylype instead of how to survive it.

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