Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle [a Year of Food Life] By Kingsolver, Barbara Audiobook CD - 2007

I loved this book.

First...the recording. Authors are usually not voice actors so an audiobook read by the author is usually not as easy to listen to. But in this case, Kingsolver's sincerity comes through and more than makes up for her nasality and other quirks.

The format is terrific. In her Q&A at the end she explains how they intended the different voices to work, and it was quite successfully pulled off. The interweaving of heartwarming tale with scientific or economic facts gave the book more power.

As an author myself, I appreciate the discussion of craft at the end. Fascinating words by an expert in the craft.

Turkeys. I couldn't imagine a book making me like turkeys, much less cheer for and even shed a tear for them. Kingsolver is a powerful writer, though, who pulled this off masterfully.

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