Look Me in the Eye
Look Me in the Eye My Life With Asperger's By Robison, John Elder Book - 2007

I give this a rare 5 stars. I loved this book! John Elder Robison gives us a great insider's view into the world of Asperger's. His ability to play pranks and tell big whopping lies (his "sanitation engineer" stories had me legitimately laughing out loud on my lunch break!) with his diagnosis is amazing. Many of the students and adults I have worked with do not have that innate ability of lying or bending the truth. They can't say "It was nice to see you," at the end of a conversation if they did not legitimately enjoy seeing that person, because it is illogical. John talks about that more towards the end of the book, how he has to work to remember that someone's child is in college and that asking how they are doing is a good social maneuver. The ability to have "small talk" is not something many ASD people are born with.
The story of John Elder trying to make friends with Chuckie in the beginning of the book is such a wonderful example of Asperger's. He knows how to make friends with Poodle, so why would it be a different method for a human? Robison's ability to observe the social skills of others and to learn on his own is remarkable. Many students I've worked with in the past just don't have that ability, and I'm so glad John Elder was able to build himself a good set of life skills and make a good life for himself.

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