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Race Project KC's recommendations for books exploring race issues in the United States.
Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
A Fool's Errand A Fool's Errand
Creating the National Museum of African American History and Culture in the Age of Bush, Obama, and Trump
Book - 2019
Smithsonian Books
069.09753 Bunch 09/2019
Stay Woke Stay Woke
A Meditation Guide for the Rest of Us
Book - 2020
Sounds True
158.12 Williams 02/2020
Not your White Jesus Not your White Jesus
Following A Radical, Refugee Messiah
Book - 2018
Westminster John Knox Press
277.3083 Rosendah 01/2019
Mixed-race Superman Mixed-race Superman
Keanu, Obama, and Multiracial Experience
Book - 2019
Melville House
305.8 Harris 08/2019
Who We Be Who We Be
The Colorization of America
Book - 2014
St. Martin's Press
305.8009 Chang 10/2014
The Birth of A Nation The Birth of A Nation
How A Legendary Director and A Crusading Editor Reignited America's Civil War
Book - 2014
PublicAffairs, a member of the Perseus Books Group
305.8009 Lehr 11/2014
Black Futures Black Futures Book - 2020
One World
305.896 Black 12/2020
Black History in Its Own Words Black History in Its Own Words Graphic Novel - 2017
Image Comics, Inc.
GRAPHIC 305.896 Black 02/2017
Surrender, White People! Surrender, White People!
Our Unconditional Terms for Peace
Book - 2020
William Morrow
305.896 Hughley 06/2020
White Negroes White Negroes
When Cornrows Were in Vogue ... and Other Thoughts on Cultural Appropriation
Book - 2019
Beacon Press
306.0973 Jackson 11/2019
Full Dissidence Full Dissidence
Notes From An Uneven Playing Field
Book - 2020
Beacon Press
306.2097 Bryant 01/2020
Move on up Move on up
Chicago Soul Music and Black Cultural Power
Book - 2019
The University of Chicago Press
306.4842 Cohen 10/2019
Rap on Trial Rap on Trial
Race, Lyrics, and Guilt in America
Book - 2019
The New Press
345.7303 Nielson 10/2019
The Toni Morrison Book Club The Toni Morrison Book Club Book - 2020
The University of Wisconsin Press
374.22 Bennett 01/2020
Twisted Twisted
The Tangled History of Black Hair Culture
Book - 2020
Harper Perennial
391.5089 Dabiri 07/2020
Getting What We Need Ourselves Getting What We Need Ourselves
How Food Has Shaped African American Life
Book - 2019
Rowman & Littlefield
394.1208 Wallach 08/2019
Bound to the Fire Bound to the Fire
How Virginia's Enslaved Cooks Helped Invent American Cuisine
Book - 2017
The University Press of Kentucky
641.5929 Deetz 12/2017
High on the Hog High on the Hog
A Culinary Journey From Africa to America
Book - 2011
641.5929 Harris 01/2011
The Rise The Rise
Black Cooks and the Soul of American Food
Book - 2020
Voracious, an imprint of Little, Brown and Company
641.5929 Samuelss 10/2020
The Jemima Code The Jemima Code
Two Centuries of African American Cookbooks
Book - 2015
University of Texas Press
641.5929 TiptonMa 10/2015
Black Smoke Black Smoke
African Americans and the United States of Barbecue
Book - 2021
The University of North Carolina Press
641.7609 Miller 05/2021
I Too Sing America I Too Sing America
The Harlem Renaissance at 100
Book - 2018
Columbus Museum of Art , Rizzoli Electa, a division of Rizzoli International Publications, Inc.
700.8996 Haygood 01/2019
Colored Pictures Colored Pictures
Race and Visual Representation
Book - 2003
University of North Carolina Press
704.03 Harris
The Image of the Black in African and Asian Art The Image of the Black in African and Asian Art Book - 2017
The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press , In collaboration with the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research
704.0396 Image
30 Americans 30 Americans
Rubell Museum
Book - 2017
Rubell Family Collection
704.0396 Rubell 09/2017
Whitewalling Whitewalling
Art, Race & Protest in 3 Acts
Book - 2018
Badlands Unlimited
709.7309 DSouza 06/2018
Why Wakanda Matters Why Wakanda Matters
What Black Panther Reveals About Psychology, Identity, and Communication
Book - 2021
Smart Pop, an imprint of BenBella Books, Inc.
741.4372 Why 02/2021
Invisible Men Invisible Men
The Trailblazing Black Artists of Comic Books
Book - 2020
YOE BooksIDW Publishing
741.5973 Quattro 01/2021
Henry Taylor Henry Taylor
The Only Portrait I Ever Painted of My Momma Was Stolen
Book - 2018
Rizzoli Electa , Blum & Poe
759.13 Taylor 12/2018
Reflections in Black Reflections in Black
A History of Black Photographers, 1840 to the Present
Book - 2000
W.W. Norton
770.8996 Willis 2000
Posing Beauty Posing Beauty
African American Images From the 1890s to the Present
Book - 2009
W.W. Norton & Co.
779 Willis
Perception Perception
A Photo Series
Book - 2019
HighWater Press
779.092 Adams 09/2019
Where We Find Ourselves Where We Find Ourselves
The Photographs of Hugh Mangum, 1897-1922
Book - 2019
University of North Carolina Press , in association with the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University
779.2 Mangum 04/2019
Only Skin Deep Only Skin Deep
Changing Visions of the American Self
Book - 2003
International Center of PhotographyHarry N. Abrams
779.2 Only 2003
I Don't Like the Blues I Don't Like the Blues
Race, Place, and the Backbeat of Black Life
Book - 2020
The University of North Carolina Press
781.643 Foster 01/2021
Whose Blues? Whose Blues?
Facing up to Race and the Future of the Music
Book - 2020
The University of North Carolina Press
781.643 Gussow 10/2020
The Meaning of Soul The Meaning of Soul
Black Music and Resilience Since the 1960s
Book - 2020
Duke University Press
781.644 Lordi 09/2020
I Wonder U I Wonder U
How Prince Went Beyond Race and Back
Book - 2020
Rutgers University Press
781.6609 Nama 10/2019
Which Side Are You On? Which Side Are You On?
20th Century American History in 100 Protest Songs
Book - 2019
Oxford University Press
782.4215 Sullivan 02/2019
A Guest in the House of Hip-hop A Guest in the House of Hip-hop
How Rap Music Taught A Kid From Kentucky What A White Ally Should Be
Book - 2018
Ig Publishing
782.4216 Hess 12/2018
Black Diamond Queens Black Diamond Queens
African American Women and Rock and Roll
Book - 2020
Duke University Press
782.4216 Mahon 11/2020
A Little Devil in America A Little Devil in America
Notes in Praise of Black Performance
Book - 2021
Random House
791.0899 Abdurraq 03/2021
The Encyclopedia of Racism in American Films The Encyclopedia of Racism in American Films Book - 2018
Rowman & Littlefield
791.4365 Encyclop
We Matter We Matter
Athletes and Activism
Book - 2018
Akashic Books
796.0899 Thomas 03/2018
The Hustle The Hustle
One Team and Ten Lives in Black and White
Book - 2011
Bloomsbury USA
796.323 Merlino 02/2011
The Last Pass The Last Pass
Cousy, Russell, the Celtics, and What Matters in the End
Book - 2018
Penguin Press
796.323 Pomerant 10/2018
The Dizzy and Daffy Dean Barnstorming Tour The Dizzy and Daffy Dean Barnstorming Tour
Race, Media, and America's National Pastime
Book - 2019
Rowman & Littlefield
796.357 Dixon 09/2019
Comeback Season Comeback Season
My Unlikely Story of Friendship With the Greatest Living Negro League Baseball Players
Book - 2021
Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, Inc.
796.3576 Perron 04/2021
Passing the Baton Passing the Baton
Black Women Track Stars and American Identity
Book - 2020
University of Illinois Press
796.4208 Ariail 01/2021
White Flights White Flights
Race, Fiction, and the American Imagination
Book - 2019
Graywolf Press
809.9335 Row 08/2019
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