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My Life & Other Stuff I Made up
My Life & Other Stuff I Made up By Bancks, Tristan Book - 2011 J FICTION Bancks Tristan and more… Available in some locations

Annotation:In this collection of humorous stories by young Tom Weekly, subjects range from being kissed by a dog to being chased by a bloodthirsty magpie.

Three Times Lucky
Three Times Lucky By Turnage, Sheila Book - 2012 J MYSTERY Turnage Sheila 07/2012 and more… Available in some locations

Annotation:Washed ashore as a baby in tiny Tupelo Landing, North Carolina, Mo LoBeau, now eleven, and her best friend Dale turn detective when the amnesiac Colonel, owner of a café and co-parent of Mo with his cook, Miss Lana, seems implicated in a murder.

Kiki Strike
Kiki Strike Inside the Shadow City By Miller, Kirsten Book - 2006 J MYSTERY Miller Kirsten and more… Available in some locations

Annotation:Life becomes more interesting for Ananka Fishbein when, at the age of twelve, she discovers an underground room in the park across from her New York City apartment and meets a mysterious girl called Kiki Strike who claims that she, too, wants to explore the subterranean world.

Secrets at Sea
Secrets at Sea By Peck, Richard Book - 2011 J FICTION Peck Richard 10/2011 and more… Available in some locations

Annotation:In 1887, the social-climbing Cranstons voyage from New York to London, where they hope to find a husband for their awkward older daughter, secretly accompanied by Helena and her mouse siblings, for whom the journey is both terrifying and wondrous as they meet an array of titled humans despite their best efforts at remaining hidden.

May B
May B A Novel-in-verse By Rose, Caroline Starr Book - 2012 YA FICTION Rose Caroline 02/2012 and more… Available in some locations

Annotation:When a failed wheat crop nearly bankrupts the Betterly family, Pa pulls twelve-year-old May from school and hires her out to a couple new to the Kansas frontier.

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