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ArapahoeCatherine created a list Jul 28 2020
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Virtual Book Party: July 2020

"Check out the full list of books we discussed at our Virtual Book Party on July 29, 2020."
ArapahoeCatherine made a comment Sep 28 2018
"I loved that this book gave me a new epic space opera to love, while also delivering strong girls, intrigue, and bits of Moroccan culture. P.S. Track down the interview with the author about the book. She offers fascinating insights into her inspi..." Permalink
ArapahoeCatherine rated a title Sep 28 2018
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ArapahoeCatherine created a list Aug 06 2018
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The Refined Tastes of Famous Internet Cats

"Cats are the rulers of the Internet. Humans the world over are mesmerized by their feline grace. Join us as we celebrate International Cat Day and discover some of the best cats on the Internet and books they'd read!"
ArapahoeCatherine made a comment Jul 16 2018
"Come for the robot cage fights and stay for a complex dystopian world where the robots have risen up to kill all the humans and nothing is as it seems!" Permalink
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