Jun 19, 2019JCLAndrewE rated this title 0.5 out of 5 stars
Interesting Premise and twist to the old "Alice in Wonderland" tale but the motivations of the main characters were absurd to the point that I had to stop reading. I don't care if you're a teen, you don't end up nearly dead and in a days long coma caused by an evil force of nature who beat and mangled your body, then wake up only to go begging for forgiveness to your "best friend" for missing their birthday. It's contrived. I'm also tired of the "I'm a teen girl, and my main love interest is an ancient dude who just happens to look like a teen" trope. It was creepy in Twilight, and is still creepy now. Finally, the thing feels like a mild rip-off of Frank Beddor's Looking Glass Wars (though I can't say if holds out for the rest of the book), especially the use of the "Mad Hatter" character as a swashbuckling bodyguard type. I will say it was nice to see some multi-racial representation in literature, I just wish it had been in a better book.