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War of 1812Causes and EffectsDVDDVD J 973.52 War 2020
1939A People's History of the Coming of World War IITaylor, FredBook940.531 Taylor 06/2020
Destined for WarCan America and China Escape Thucydides's Trap?Allison, Graham T.Book327.73051 Allison 05/2017
Russia in FlamesWar, Revolution, Civil War, 1914-1921Engelstein, LauraBook947.0841 Engelste 10/2017
Unshackling AmericaHow the War of 1812 Truly Ended the American RevolutionRandall, Willard SterneBook973.52 Randall 06/2017
Destined for WarCan America and China Escape Thucydides's Trap?Allison, Graham T.eBookeBook
World PeaceAnd How We Can Achieve ItBellamy, Alex J.Book327.172 Bellamy 10/2019
The Absent SuperpowerThe Shale Revolution and A World Without AmericaZeihan, PeterBook327.73 Zeihan
Population WarsA New Perspective on Competition and CoexistenceGraffin, GregBook355.0274 Graffin 12/2015
Useful EnemiesWhen Waging Wars Is More Important Than Winning ThemKeen, DavidBook355.027 Keen 06/2012
The War of the WorldTwentieth-century Conflict and the Descent of the WestFerguson, NiallBook303.66 Ferguson 2006
Lincoln's First CrisisFort Sumter and the Betrayal of the PresidentJohnson, William BruceBook973.7092 Johnson 07/2020
To Start A WarHow the Bush Administration Took America Into IraqDraper, RobertBook956.7044 Draper 07/2020
Leap of FaithHubris, Negligence, and America's Greatest Foreign Policy TragedyMazarr, Michael J.Book956.7044 Mazarr 04/2019
AppeasementChamberlain, Hitler, Churchill, and the Road to WarBouverie, TimBook327.4104 Bouverie 06/2019
Fact or FictionResearching the Causes of the American Civil WarCole, TaylerBookJ 973.711 Cole 11/2019
Eyewitness to the Assassination of Archduke Francis FerdinandO'Keefe, EmilyBookJ 940.311 O'Keefe
Mr. Capra Goes to WarFrank Capra's World War II DocumentariesDVDDVD 940.53 Mr. 1942-45
The Six-day WarThe Breaking of the Middle EastLaron, GuyBook956.046 Laron 06/2017
The Ace of LightningStoriesMartin, Stephen-PaulBookFICTION Martin StephenP
Was Revolution Inevitable?Turning Points of the Russian RevolutionBook947.0841 Was 03/2017
Final SolutionThe Fate of the Jews, 1933-1949Cesarani, DavidBook940.5318 Cesarani 11/2016
Roots of Russia's War in UkraineWood, Elizabeth A.Book947.7086 Wood 04/2016
A Just and Generous NationAbraham Lincoln and the Fight for American OpportunityHolzer, HaroldBook973.7092 Holzer 11/2015
Pearl HarborMessner, KateBookJ 940.5426 Messner 01/2021
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